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These are the most Frequently Asked Questions that I receive:

  1. How can I help keep Just Magic running?

    OK, this isn't the most frequently asked question I receive, but it is important to me. :) The short answer is, just click on the button below:

    Just Magic has been up and running since May, 2002. Over the years I have been adding more and more to it, including lots of "Consumer Reports" style reviews of 18" play dolls, the Doll Restoration Wizard, picture stories, and so on. The site has become so popular that I have had to upgrade my web hosting package to handle the bandwidth requirements!

    Several times people have asked me if they could make a donation to help pay for the costs of the site. Early on, I tried something called "Friends of the Magic Attic Club", but that was too difficult for me to administer. So, recently, I've thankfully declined. However, family circumstances have changed and I now find that I could use the extra help paying for the web hosting, software tools, dolls I'd like to review, and so on. Rather than clutter up the site with advertising (and to keep myself independent for the Consumer Reports aspects), I've decided to go to a PBS style of funding. If you enjoy Just Magic and would like to make a donation, just use the PayPal button above. Unlike PBS, I promise you won't get any follow-up solicitations (just a thank you note via e-mail). :) And if you can't help, no worries, Just Magic will always be free. Thanks for your support!


  2. Why is your website called Just Magic when it's not Just about Magic Attic dolls?

    When I began the website I was mainly collecting Just Pretend and Magic Attic Club dolls; hence Just Magic. Since then my collection has expanded in scope and so has the website.


  3. I have an XYZ doll that is broken. Can you help me fix her?

    I only fix my own dolls, but I definitely can help if you're willing to fix her yourself. See the Doll Restoration Wizard for guidance and advice on all sorts of doll repairs.

    If you can't/don't want to fix her yourself, you have a couple of options:
    bulletIf it's a new doll you bought from a retailer, contact them. They should allow you to return or exchange the doll and then they can deal directly with the manufacturer about the broken doll. (Most manufacturers that sell through dealers will insist on this.)
    bulletIf it's a secondhand doll and the flaws weren't disclosed, you may be able to return her to the seller.
    bulletContact the manufacturer. Many doll companies operate their own doll hospitals:
    bullet American Girl repairs their soft-body dolls (American Girls Collection/Historical Characters, American Girl Today/Just Like You, Bitty Baby, Bitty Twins) but they don't repair Hopscotch Hill or Girls of Many Lands dolls.
    bullet Tonner Doll Company has a doll hospital for their dolls.
    bullet My Twinn has a doll hospital.

    If your doll's manufacturer isn't on this list, contact them (assuming they're still in business) and ask for recommendations. If you think your doll has a manufacturing flaw, they may exchange her.

    Here is some general advice for dealing with manufacturers' doll hospitals:
    bulletDon't bother asking if they will repair other brand dolls, no matter how similar they are in construction.
    bulletExpect them to charge you a fee but if you think the problem is a manufacturing flaw, don't hesitate to call Customer Service and ask them to fix it for free. For example, sometimes American Girl dolls are afflicted by a condition known as "silver eye" in which the eyes start to lose color. This is a manufacturing flaw and they should fix it for free.
    bulletBe aware that the "doll doctors" at manufacturers doll hospitals don't usually get the "sentimental value" thing. For instance, if you send a doll in to the American Girl hospital because she has bad hair, they will only replace the entire head. You may send a note that says to call before doing anything beyond what you sent her in for, but you may end up receiving an entirely new doll if, for example, they can't match the skin tone of your old Molly with the limbs they have right there.
    bulletCall or e-mail before sending your doll in. Dolls are always sent in nude. They'll give you detailed instructions for packing, shipping and paying.

bulletAsk on one of the Message Boards if someone does the kinds of repairs you need. (This is especially helpful for Sasha dolls which really require a specialist.)
bulletSend her to a doll hospital. The one I've heard the most feedback for is TLC Doll Hospital in Colorado. But there are lots of them out there. Do a Google search for '"doll hospital" vinyl' for several leads.


  • I bought a doll from this eBay seller/this store/this individual and I'm not happy with it. Can you help me?
  • Sorry, no. I absolutely will not get involved.


  • Where are the "Add to Cart" buttons?

    Many people mistake the collector's guides on Just Magic for a catalog. I don't sell any of this stuff, I just make you want to buy it. Sorry.


  • Do you know what kind of doll this is?

    I love trying to ID modern, vinyl play dolls. I don't know a thing about vintage, antique, porcelain, or other types of dolls though. If you send me a picture of the doll and describe any identifying marks on the doll, it will help a lot. There is also a great, general article on doll identification here.


  • My Great Aunt Matilda left me her collection of [pick one] porcelain/antique/vintage/etc. dolls and I need to find out what they're worth. Can you help me?

    Sorry, I don't do appraisals. I can give you a best guess about a modern, vinyl play doll possibly, but it will be a guess. I would recommend using eBay's Advanced Search feature to search closed auctions to see what similar dolls have sold for. Look for a doll book at for that type of doll, ask on one of the Message Boards or send her picture and whatever information you have to one of the doll magazine columns.


  • Can you help me sell my dolls?

    Sorry, no. Try eBay.


  • You have XYZ dolls listed on your Meet the Dolls index page but there is no Profile yet. What do you think of them?

    I'll be happy to let you know. You may even motivate/help me to write up the profile faster.


  • You don't have XYX dolls listed on Meet the Dolls. Why not?

    If they're a similar type of doll to the others listed in Meet the Dolls (16"-23" modern, vinyl child doll), maybe I haven't heard of it. Tell me what you know!


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