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Doll Restoration
The Doll Restoration Wizard ~ Fixing Up Dolls for Fun or Profit

Do you have a doll who is in need of some TLC? The Wizard can help you! Answer the questions as you go along and be directed right to the articles and information you need to bring that doll up to her full potential.

The Doll Restoration Flowchart

For those with a scientific bent, this page presents a summary of the Doll Restoration Wizard. It's all "at a glance" on one page with links directly to the appropriate articles or pages in the Wizard. Once you've gone through the Wizard once or twice, this flowchart is an easy way to run through the process and jump right to the detailed articles and pictures you need.

The Doll Restoration articles are listed here as well if you know what you need and don't need to use the Wizard:

Doll Anatomy 101 This is "prerequisite" reading for the other articles here.

The Body Swap ~ An Illustrated Guide

Do you have a soft-body doll with a body you don't like? It's not difficult at all to improve the situation. The pictures and descriptions in this illustrated guide will step you through the process.


Vinyl Care 101 ~ Basic Cleaning Bubble baths are out, but when the vinyl parts of your doll get dirty, a few simple tricks will get her back to her beautiful self. The basics of vinyl cleaning are covered here in this illustrated guide.

Advanced Vinyl Care ~ Stain Removal

If you have a doll with stubborn stains, this article will explain how to safely remove them.



Restringing Your American Girl ~ An Illustrated Guide, by Taffy Cheerful

The limbs on American Girl dolls and other "semi-strung" dolls are held into their ball-and-socket joints by a length of elastic cord, a separate cord for each joint.

Over time, the elastic cord will stretch, resulting in a loose joint and a floppy limb. Fixing this problem is actually very simple and will take about 30 minutes. Use this illustrated guide to take care of the problem yourself and save your doll from a trip to the doll hospital.

Hair Care 101 ~ Basic Brushing If you'd like to keep your doll's hair looking nice, the trick is to brush it often and to brush it correctly. The basics of hair care are covered here in this illustrated guide.

Advanced Hair Care ~ Shampooing, Conditioning, Steaming and Styling, co-authored by Joy

Here is everything you need to know to make your doll's hair look as close to "good as new" as it's going to get. On the left, you can see Felicity getting a "Downy dunk".





Rewigging ~ An Illustrated Guide This article is a How To guide with step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures. Do you have a doll who needs a new look? This guide should make it less scary to do the deed.



Stain Removal from Cloth Bodies, co-authored by Joy

This article will give you step-by-step instructions for either hand washing or machine washing the body of a cloth-body doll. Not for the squeamish!



Odor Removal

Do you have a stinky doll? Freshen her up with these tips.

Face Paint Coming soon.

Past Contests and Events

JackieL was the lucky winner of Isabella and her Yellow Splendor outfit from our first contest. Congratulations Jackie and thanks again to Mihaela Hinkle, president of Carpatina Dolls, for donating the prize.

Make Your Own Magic!
Chloe packs the trunk And the Winner Is, BetsyD of Portland, OR! Congratulations, your name was chosen as the winner of the Make Your Own Magic contest! Betsy, who is eight years old, submitted a wonderful book report of the Magic Attic Club book Princess Megan to have her name entered into the drawing.

Here you see Chloe packing up the Magic Attic trunk with goodies to send to Betsy.  It was great fun reading everyone's ideas for new Magic Attic Club adventures! You can read them on this page, and I am still soliciting new stories. I will be sending the link to Marian, LLC and who knows, we may inspire them to come out with some exciting new adventures!

Dolls Just Wanna Have Fun!

The doll picnic on August 11 was a lot of fun. Click here to see the pictures Marissa took.

Miscellaneous Articles

Confessions of a Dollaholic ~ Dealing With a Large Doll Collection Has your doll collection gotten out-of-control? Or do you just want to keep it from getting that way? This article has suggestions for recognizing and dealing with dolly clutter.


Kit Dolls ~ Make New Friends

It's fun to make dolls from kits! This guide shows the progress of one doll from a pile of parts to a lovely Native American girl, Little Doe.





1001Reasons to Collect Dolls, by Bev Beese


Cute little Coconut, the American Dog Pets for Your 18" Doll ~ A Doll's Best Friend

This cute little fuzz ball is Coconut, from Pleasant Company's American Girl Today collection. He's about 5" tall ~ just the right scale to be the faithful companion of an American Girl doll or any other 18" doll. Do your girls need some pets? You have lots of choices! Read about them here.

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