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Doll Line

The American Girls Collection, now called Historical Characters

American Girl Today, now called Just Like You



American Girl, LLC, formerly Pleasant Company (founded in 1986) -- an independent subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. (since 1998)


Probably Marianne Gotz, but not acknowledged

Production Years

1986 - present


H18, W11, L7, A5.5, F1 1/2 x 1 3/8

Body Type

Soft body, articulated


Sleep eyes


Kanekalon wig 

Identifying Markings

Pleasant Company or American Girl on back of neck, some dolls (after Mattel buy-out?) have a body tag 

Retail Price

$87 with paperback book


American Girl has a very extensive line of clothing, furniture and accessories of all types for their dolls.

Clothing Fit

American Girl is the standard by which we judge fit for other soft-body dolls. 

Dolls in Series

The American Girls Collection consists of Kaya, Felicity, Elizabeth, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Nellie, Kit, Molly, Emily, Julie and Ivy.

American Girl Today has over twenty dolls in various hair/eye/skin color combinations as well as limited edition Girl of Today dolls, including  Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess and Nicki.


Six books for each historical girl, plus short stories and other non-fiction books about the girls' place in history. The American Girl Today dolls come with a fill-in-the-blank book for you to define her character. The Limited Edition dolls and "friend dolls" each have one or two books.


The American Girl Store, eBay

For More Information See below.

There is not much that I can add to the wonderful information that is already out there on the web about Pleasant Company and the American Girls dolls. But I tried! :) For those who collect the American Girls Collection, historical dolls, I have created a quick reference to the outfits:

The American Girls Collection Outfit Quick Reference

There are many websites devoted to American Girl. Here are some of the best:


Ann Kirsten's Society of American Girl Collectors site has a newsletter and other fun things on her site.

Collector's Guides

These guides are like having a complete collection of past AG catalogs, but easily searchable and well-organized.

The Complete Guide to American Girl Doll Collecting, by Curt Danhauser. Another excellent reference that is professionally done, visually appealing and very easy to navigate. The Wish List generator is particularly fun and the information on retired items is very complete.



Johanna and Meg's American Girl Playthings website is for collectors of all things American Girl: Historicals, Just Like You Dolls, Bitty Baby, Angelina Ballerina, Coconut and the other smaller collections that American Girl has had over the years. There is also a message board which has excellent reviews of AG items and is very well organized!

There is an excellent buyer's guide on eBay called "Collectible American Girl Dolls: An Insider's Guide". It tells you how to date a doll, how to evaluate it's condition, etc.

Kim's "American History in Miniature" site has wonderful comparisons of "Pre-Mattel" vs. "Mattel" dolls, excellent pictures of her own doll collection, wonderful storage and display ideas and more.

Company History

American Girl has a a great section on their website about the company itself.

An even better "History of American Girl" is at the AG Playthings website.

Message Boards

The American Girl Fans Message Board is a very active group of young collectors who always know what's new and coming up from American Girl long before anyone else!


The American Girl Playthings Message Board is another excellent source of American Girl chat.



In addition to these message boards, you can also discuss American Girl dolls on AGBuddies2 at YahooGroups and several other YahooGroups you can find by searching.

More Links

The American Girl Doll Resources is a site with links to other American Girl-related websites.


More great links (for all dolls) can be found at the Doll Links blog. Search for "American Girl" to find the ones specifically for AG.

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