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Tolly Girl Trisha in the Dude Ranchero outfit


Girls On the Go Kendra in Snow Flake Outfit

Doll Line

Tolly Girl (for Wal-Mart)

Girls On the Go (for Toys R Us)

Disney's Favorite Girl (for The Disney Store)



Tollytots, Limited 


Andrea Hollis

Production Years

2001 - present 



Body Type

Soft body, articulated 


Fixed. Some dolls have applied lashes.



Identifying Markings

Tollytots logo in raised lettering on back of neck. Body tag.

Retail Price

$10 - $20


Separately packaged clothing 

Clothing Fit

Tolly dolls are slimmer than American Girl 

Dolls in Series





See the Doll Line list above. 

For More Information

The company website  


The Tollytots dolls are low-cost dolls but they have a lot to offer. The Tolly Girls sold at Wal-Mart come in very simple starter outfits and are only $10. The Girls On the Go are sold at Toys R Us (not to be confused with an earlier version of Girls On the Go that were made by Meritus). They come in more elaborate outfits and include new face molds such as the beautiful Asian Kendra shown in the purple snowsuit above. At $20, they're still quite reasonable. The Disney's Favorite Girl, sold at the Disney store, are the latest version and they also retail for $20. The Disney doll comes in an outfit with a Disney princess theme.

Separate outfits are available for the dolls, as well as some brightly painted furniture. The outfits are typical for the low-end doll lines with plastic shoes and inexpensive fabrics, but some of them are quite cute such as the cowgirl and snowboard outfit (complete with snowboard) from the original Wal*Mart line.

The dolls are most comparable in quality to the Our Generation dolls distributed by Target. Like the Our Generation dolls, Tollytots are considerably slimmer than the "standard" soft-body doll, American Girl. Below you can see comparison pictures of a Girls On the Go Tollytot on the left and American Girl Felicity on the right.



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